Do you want your track to have that final polish / edge / Weight ?

 - Get the finishing touch to your music     

  - Digital or analog mastering


  - Specialising in all genres 

  - Mastering for I tunes,  Vinyl press & CD

  - Audio restoration

  - Album mastering

  - Elite class A/D conversion.

Mix-down Service

Individual Stem treatment, to maximise the potential of the mastering process.

    - Track mix-down service

    - Stem Mastering

    - Analogue signal chains to ensure the                  highest quality of sound

    - Solid state compression 

    - Valve Eqs



Audio Restoration

   - Restoration old tapes, vinyl to digital format

     - Removal of unwanted white noise

     - Highlight vocals from raw recordings    

     - Exportable on CD or data mp3, wav.            




Recording Services



- Use of  various high quality  microphones with      valve saturation pre amps, 


 - Vocals Professionally recorded & processed to a high industry standard. 

 - Recording space for a small band- up to 3 members  


- Tailor made backing tracks For vocalists / songwriters / rap artists & instrumentalists.

- Full custom analogue or digital signal chains

Electronic Music Production  -   Tutoring

studio new.jpg

   1 on 1 tutoring for beginners +

 - Learn to produce on Logic pro


 - Ableton

-  Compose Backing tracks

-  All genres catered for        


 Custom musak for public places

 Does your business have public         spaces? 


-Customise your environments with immersive audio


- music for 'on hold' periods

-comfort and relaxation Zones / music therapy  


- Immersive environments


-Avoid annual PRS costs